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What We Do

What We Do

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Hello, we are The Astronauts Collective (TAC), a not-for-profit organisation that aims to help youths explore and better understand their career interests and passion. TAC programmes are free-of-charge, to ensure that youths from all backgrounds get the opportunity to explore. With the support of nearly 150 volunteers, more than 1000 youths have benefited from TAC programmes since Jan 2015.


"People who love their jobs often have a clear idea of the Whys and Hows, and when one is forced to explain one's very adult job to wide-eyed 14 year olds, one becomes lucid very quickly! More than just another volunteering experience, TAC reminded me of why I love to do what I do - the kids have mentored their mentor!"

Tang Ji Ching, Mentor, Marketing

What's New

Latest Happenings

Open Space

A human library experience for open conversations about meaningful work.

Key Activities

Key Programmes

Day X

Day X, or a day of exploration, is envisioned to be a fun and accessible opportunity for youths to explore the world of work. The idea of a “day” is to encourage youths (and other related stakeholders) to “take a day” off from everyday preoccupations, to explore and better understand what they may find interesting, or even meaningful, to undertake as a possible career. 


Day X is focused on exposure and awareness.


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TAC's "Worlds" help youths experience and discover how one's work, beyond for personal satisfaction, could contribute to and impact the world. Through "Worlds", participants get to try out taster activities in different professions and gain insights into how different areas of work can contribute towards the betterment of the world in certain ways, like how a journalist helps create an equal world, or how an urban farmer contributes to a sustainable world.



Through a cosy and unintimidating setting, participants can choose to read from a wide collection of more than 50 human books at any one sitting. Each human book is a volunteer professional from a particular field, whom the participants could interact with to find out more about that particular profession.

DAY X 2018

Mission X

Over 6 consecutive Saturday mornings, participants undergo a structured activity-based programme, conducted by volunteer professionals from diverse fields. Through a mix of in-school activities and field trips, volunteers help participants explore the knowledge, skills and motivations of those in their fields.


Mission X is focused on immersion and reflection.


Session #1 -



Experience taster activities in different professions!

Session #2 - 5 - HYPERDRIVE


Explore 1 profession in-depth over 4 sessions!

Session #6 - TOUCHDOWN

Be the professional for a day! Reflect and share!

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How to Join?


For Schools

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Fill in the 'Contact Us' form and we will get back to you!

TAC will arrange for a meeting involving the relevant school personnel to share more details about Mission X - what we offer, and the commitment needed from students and the school.

If it is a good fit for both sides, we will discuss when’s best to begin our partnership!

For Volunteers

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Fill in the 'Contact Us' form and we will get back to you!

In the form, tell us more about your job, and if you would like to volunteer with TAC.

Attend our 'Open Day' and connect with the TAC team to learn more about how you can begin your volunteering journey with us.


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