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Our work to help youths explore and discover meaningful careers is only possible with the help of our volunteers. In fact, our very approach in career guidance is built on the career experiences, expertise and networks of all TAC volunteers! With your help, more youths can get to explore more diverse pathways and perspectives towards a meaningful career.

You can support the career guidance for youths through a variety of ways depending on your availability, experiences and preferences, including:

  • Run a Job Taster

  • Be a Human Book

  • Be a Mentor, etc.

Besides career guidance work, our volunteers also help out with TAC's organisational functions, including:

  • Outreach and marketing

  • Media and design

  • Fundraising, etc.

We are always on the lookout for working professionals who are passionate about guiding and mentoring the younger ones to explore and discover meaningful careers. No prior experience needed; training will be provided! Drop us a message to find out more. :)

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