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We are officially a Registered Charity in Singapore with effect 18 August 2021! As far as we are aware, TAC is the first charity in Singapore that focuses on career guidance for youths!

Becoming a charity is a key piece in our long-term plans to become a sustainable and trusted ground-up community movement. Partners of TAC can rest assured that TAC's work is non-profit in nature, aimed to benefit society.


Financially, we will now be able to take donations and stretch them further by tapping on various matching grants and support that are only available to charities, so that we can run even more programmes to benefit more youths, especially those from more challenging backgrounds. As a small ground-up charity, every bit of support from you will go a long way. You can click on the link below to find out how you can make a donation!

Thank you everyone who has helped us along the way to becoming a charity, really appreciate all your advice and guidance! 

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