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TAC partners schools to provide our programmes to students. As many members of TAC's founding team have roots in the education system, we believe strongly in complementing the Education & Career Guidance (ECG) support provided in schools. All our school-based programmes have been offered in collaboration with ECG counsellors, Heads of Department and respective career offices at Institutes of Higher Learning (IHL). 


Since 2015, we have partnered more than 40 schools and institutions across Singapore.

To help youths explore and discover meaningful careers (our mission!), TAC offers a suite of age-appropriate career exploration and career mentoring programmes built on our unique "Idea of Worlds" for different segments of youths, pre-tertiary and tertiary, taking into consideration the differing perspectives and learning behaviours towards "careers" at different stages of a youth's education. One consistent element across all our programmes is the focus on scaffolded learning - designing the experience in chunks and providing a structure to get there.


Pre-COVID, TAC's career exploration and career mentoring work has been in the form of in-person programmes. As the pandemic situation evolved, TAC has also pivoted to be able to run our programmes digitally or in a hybrid fashion (parts in-person, parts digital) in alignment with prevailing safe management measures. 

In 2021, TAC ran a mix of in-person, digital and hybrid programmes for more than 4,000 youths. 

As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, TAC will continue to work closely with all our school partners to offer programmes that optimise the learning experience while ensuring the safety of participants and volunteers.



Secondary, JC, IP/IB

ITE, Poly & University

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