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Taking into consideration the disciplinary-based training and trajectories tertiary students (ITEs, polytechnics & universities) have embarked on, TAC offers a suite of targeted programmes aimed at supporting tertiary youths to explore and discover what makes a meaningful career. We are always on the lookout for like-minded tertiary institutions as partners to offer TAC programmes for your students!

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The Career Human Library is TAC's scaffolded programme for youths to have cosy yet informative conversations and network with diverse career professionals, in the process exploring and discovering meaningful careers. Each professional is a "human book" that participants could borrow and interact with, with their own "book cover" and "content page". 

  • Type: Career Exploration

  • Duration: ~2.5 hours

  • Ideal use: For first-year tertiary students to explore thematic career pathways (e.g. an Engineering Career Human Library for students in engineering programmes)

  • Key features: Small-group conversations (not a webinar), structured and scaffolded conversation process, and even a "borrow me home" function to encourage networking!


Just like how astronauts use a star compass to navigate space, TAC's Star Compass is an app-based tool to guide youths to unpack and build a language of their career motivations, helping them navigate and identify career pathways that are more likely to meet those needs. Developed ground-up by leveraging TAC's diverse database of career professionals and their career motivations, the Star Compass helps youths understand key career motivations related work itself, work environments and work rewards.   

  • Type: Career Exploration

  • Duration: ~2.5 hours

  • Ideal use: For students who are at the mid-point or have just completed an industry internship 

  • Key features: A personalised Star Compass report based on the inputs of individual participants and a workshop to help participants make sense of their motivations.

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Mentoring isn't just about matching an adult with a youth. From our experience, most youths do not know how to approach a mentoring relationship or what they can do with a mentor. Since 2015, TAC has run Apprenticeships as a structured hands-on career mentoring programme for youths. Each Apprenticeship serves as a deep-dive into the mentor's profession and through that experience provide relatable context and meaningful mentoring opportunities.

  • Type: Career Mentoring

  • Duration: 5 sessions x 3 hours (typically over Saturdays as a common time block between mentors and apprentices)

  • Ideal use: Given the strong industry focus, ideal as a stepping stone to internships

  • Key features: A feature project to serve as a goal, industry field trips to experience the world of work first-hand and structured reflection processes throughout.

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