TAC Pilots

a.k.a the ones who help drive the TAC rocket for others to come on-board their journey of exploration

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Cheryl is an educator who helps children bridge apathy to curiosity to make learning meaningful. At school, she teaches English and what leadership is.


At TAC, Cheryl engages volunteers and helps them prepare for their sharing with youth. She also deals with human relations and does occasional comms work.


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Day-to-day at work, Yee Loong navigates through data to find meaningful patterns that tell a story.


At TAC, he helps to conceptualise and organise programmes, and more importantly, makes sense of TAC’s collective experiences as TAC continues to grow.


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Yifong teaches kids about the world and the environment, and also teaches them about values and leadership.


As a Secondary School teacher, he forms partnerships with schools to help kids explore with TAC!


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In the day, Clement guides a team of systems analysts to come up with solutions to technical problems.


At TAC, he is involved in spreading the word about TAC to prospective partners and volunteers, and at the same time help to organise programmes, to help youths explore the world of work.


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Marvin is a policy officer by day, community volunteer by night, always on the lookout for how he can help create a more meaningful world.


At TAC, he is responsible for throwing out random new ideas at an alarmingly regular rate, which he hopes can help youths be like courageous astronauts to explore the confusing world of work.