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Drawing on our experience working with schools since 2015, TAC offers two key Education & Career Guidance (ECG) programmes designed to introduce pre-tertiary youths (secondary school, JC and IP/IB) to the world of work, encouraging them to begin thinking about their career motivations and what makes a meaningful career. To date, TAC has partnered more than 30 secondary schools and JCs to provide our programmes to their students. 



Short for a day of exploration, Day X is TAC's flagship career exploration programme for pre-tertiary youths. Designed as a one-day workshop, Day X helps youths to develop foundational yet practical perspectives about the world of work as they begin to make sense of what a "career" is about.

  • Type: Career Exploration

  • Duration: ~4-5 hours

  • Ideal use: Cohort-wide "career day" (e.g. for all Sec 2 students in a school)

  • Key features: Hands-on activities to let participants try out and experience what working can be like; exposure to diverse professions (up to 6 different professions)


Short for a mission of exploration, Mission X is TAC's career mentoring programme for pre-tertiary youths. As a sustained programme (not one-off), Mission X is a scaffolded and structured programme to help youths build meaningful relationships with relatable role models who can support them to explore and discover meaningful careers. As Mission X is a resource-intensive programme and we may have limited capacity, we will prioritise youths from more challenging backgrounds and/or schools with a similar focus.  

  • Type: Career Mentoring

  • Duration: ~8-10 hours (best over multiple sessions, e.g. 5 x 2 hours)

  • Ideal use: After-school programme for high-needs youths (e.g. Gear-up)

  • Key features: Relatable role models as mentors, strong mentoring emphasis on increasing motivation and identifying possible post-secondary options; fieldtrips to post-secondary education institutions (e.g. polytechnics and universities) 

World View Slides_edited.jpg


Teachers play a pivotal role in the ECG for pre-tertiary students. Designed to support teachers in their ECG provision, TAC's World View programme provides teachers with updated insights on the world of work today, including perspectives on industry trends and the changing career aspirations of youths and what motivates them.

  • Type: Professional Development

  • Duration: ~3-4 hours

  • Ideal use: Staff development workshops for teachers

  • Key features: Industry sharing by professionals in diverse fields and insights on youth aspirations; hands-on activities to develop practical ECG resources 

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