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The Astronauts Collective (TAC) started out as an idea on whiteboards in a classroom when many of us were still in school. Then, we had friends who were in their graduating years who deeply regretted their chosen course of study and did not find meaning in their jobs.

Many of them wished that they had a chance when they were younger to better understand what different professions and career pathways are really like (apart from what the advertisements and people around them claimed), and what they might find meaningful to haul themselves out of bed everyday for.

So we thought - what if we could bring together a collective of volunteer professionals from diverse walks of life to help guide younger versions of us explore and discover meaningful careers? From the pioneer group of nine, TAC has grown into a collective of more than 400 volunteer professionals today.

We hope that TAC can help youths be like astronauts - courageous and open-minded in exploring the world of work, finding meaning and purpose in what we do for a living, just like how astronauts explore and discover new worlds. :)

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