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Mission X, short for a mission of exploration, is our flagship programme to kickstart one’s journey of career exploration. Started in 2015, more than 1,000 youths have participated in Mission X. Through a unique “open exploration” approach, we help youths to discover new areas of possibilities and expand their career options.

Over four to six weeks (duration may vary), youths will: 

  • Motivation. Learn about how career exploration can help them in their education and career decisions

  • Process. Get the tools to better understand what they want in a career and what different careers can offer

  • Access. Be connected to a diverse collective of volunteer professionals who can support them on their journey of career exploration


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  • We will work with our partner schools to run Mission X on weekdays too. Mission X was previously a Saturday-only programme, but not all schools are able to open up for in-person programmes on weekends.

  • We will retain a Saturday segment so that students can continue to interact with a diverse pool of volunteer professionals who can only make it on weekends. We will do this primarily through online platforms (like Zoom). Having digital components also means that parts of the programme can still continue should the COVID-19 situation worsen.

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  • While many existing resources try to match youths with particular careers, we have found that such resources are most helpful for youths who have a super clear idea of what they want.

  • But most youths at 15 don’t know what they want. To help them, we need to go beyond career matching.

  • For upcoming Mission Xs, we will incorporate new career exploration tools to address “where do I begin” and “how do I know if I really like something”, to help youths discover possibilities and options beyond what they are familiar with today.

Changes to Mission X in 2021

Here’s a glimpse into some of the key enhancements to Mission X in 2021, to better support our students, volunteers and school partners especially as the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve.

  • Moving forward, TAC will have full-time staff to organise and run Mission X, especially during the weekdays. This model of having full-time staff to augment the volunteers will allow us to increase our capacity to take on more schools who we previously had to turn down. 

  • With full-time staff, TAC will be able to better support our school partners and volunteers. Two of our co-founders have taken one-year of no-pay leave from their current work to kickstart this hybrid model in 2021!

Here are some photos from previous Mission Xs!


Day X, short for a day of exploration, is a fun and convenient way for youths to take a day off from their hectic schedules to talk to and interact with working professionals. Started in 2018, more than 1,200 youths have participated in Day X.


We are exploring how best to conduct Day X in 2021 given the evolving COVID-19 situation, will keep you posted! 

Past Mission X

Past Day X

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