We look forward to a world where there is greater equality across different spheres in the society, bridging the gaps between the haves and have-nots.


  • Social and welfare workers

  • Policy officers

  • Legal professionals

  • FinTech entrepreneurs

  • Ageing researchers

  • Nonprofit founders


In "A World A Day", a different World of work will be featured each day from 14 July to 16 July 2021 - Equal World, Sustainable World and Informed World respectively. The programme will be conducted after office hours (from 7:00 - 10:30pm) so participants would not need to miss school/work. Participants will get to sign up for one, two or all three of the featured Worlds.

Each World will feature a diversity of career professionals whose work contribute to that World. Participants will get to:

  • Try out Job Tasters - Experience mini activities run by the career professionals to learn more about the professionals' work.​

  • Have a World Chat - Interact with these professionals through a moderated interview to understand how the professionals' work can contribute to different Worlds.

  • Network at World Connections - Engage with up to 30 career professionals every evening, with different jobs that all contribute towards that particular World. 




"Star Compass" is a 50-min workshop that will take place at the beginning of every hour on 17 July 2021 (Sat), starting from 11:00am (last workshop is at 4:00pm).


Through this event segment, participants will get to better understand their career motivations, which can serve as a navigational tool when identifying jobs that may motivate them.


Participants will get to sign up for a consecutive 2-hour slot for Star Compass and Open Space (see Part B of the programme below) combined.

Participants will get to:

  • Receive an individualised Star Compass report, based on the participant's responses to a series of preference statements, 

  • Experience a "Career Motivations In Real Life" activity to discover the career motivations that matter most.

  • Hear about the top-ranked career motivations among career professionals who find meaning in their work. 


Aerospace Engineer - Phyllinda Tan
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Educator - Cheryl Choy
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Bug Educator & Consultant - James Khoo
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Risk Data Analyst - Low Yee Loong
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Medical Simulation Nurse - Eugenie Yien
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Branded Content Producer - Chong Kaiyan
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Diplomat - Nash Ng
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Software Engineer - Tan Yi Long
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Start-up Strategist - Ng Kaijie (1)
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Sustainability Strategist - Kia Jiehui
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Lawyer - Jolyn Khoo
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Journalist - Grace Yeoh
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Filmmaker - Amelia Tan
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Entrepreneur - Blake Erik
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Nonprofit Founder - Marvin Kang
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"Open Space" is a massive human library experience featuring more than 80 human books (see above for sample of collection) that participants could "borrow" and have open conversations about their diverse definitions of what makes a meaningful career. While the A World A Day segment focuses on jobs, Open Space focuses on the journeys that the career professionals have taken thus far. Open Space will be open on 17 July 2021, from 12:00 - 6:00pm. Participants will get to sign up for a consecutive 2/3-hour slot for Star Compass and Open Space combined.

Participants will get to:

  • Have personalised book recommendations, taking into consideration the participant's familiarity with and interest in particular professions, as well as their exploration experience at World X thus far.​

  • "Borrow" the human books home, through the human books' Instagram handles and/or email addresses, should the participants wish to continue interacting with the human books after Open Space.

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